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Diet Solutions

Why Diet Solutions?

No Location Constraint Nutri-Access

No Location Constraint


  • Nutri-Plans designed in a manner that personal meeting is not essential.
  • A thorough questionnaire and a personal interview is designed to understand the exact needs.
  • Health issues if any, food choices,current eating patterns, medicines with dosages are studied before
    the personal Nutri-plans are designed.
Simple Ideology Nutri-Practice

Simple Ideology


  • Our ideology is to keep our plans, simple and practical, yet nutrition enriched to cater to our body’s diverse and complex needs.
  • Nutri-practice simply means “Nutrition focus” as we aim to deliver the desired outcome, to ensure the vital components that are needed for our bodies are never depleted, but enhanced

Meal Plans


  • We focus on age-old wisdom of buy local and eat local.
  • Expensive, fancy, exotic ingredients? A big NO.
  • Difficult to manage when traveling or too time-consuming? A Bigger NO.
  • Very Quick results with crash diets? Biggest NO.
  • Our Mantra is- steady, regular but SUSTAINABLE outcomes.
Personalised Attention

Personalised Attention


  • Nutri-focus means regular monitoring and interventions.
  • Once a week weight checks and change in nutrition plans.
  • Easy to access support staff for immediate guidance.
  • Parul Patni herself monitors and recommends the nutrition plans.
  • Daily interventions as required.

Latest Client Stories

Rajeev Gupta

Country : India

Weight Loss: 17 KGS

“I was struggling with my weight and dint know how to rectify it. Someone told me about Diet Solutions and Dr.Parul’s Diet Consultations.she deviced excellent diet plan for me with which i lost 17kgs. she taught me to eat right food at right time. Thank you Dr. Parul for making me feel good about myself.”

Ekta Aggarwal

Country : India

Weight Loss: 40 KGS

“While working with Coca Cola, my intake of coke was very high. When someone referred to Dr.Parul, it was very difficult to make my mind to start with a diet was all because of Diet Solution’s support and her never ending motivation that i was able to lose so much in few months.”

Happy Clients

General FAQ

Is Diet plan the same for all clients? or it varies then what are the general factors for change?

It is different for everyone. If it varies, then Factors may range from medical issues, current diet schedule, daily work schedule, and cooking convenience.

How do you customize diet plans for each client?

Diet Customization is done based on deficiencies, diseases, requirements, personal goals, etc.

Can I use Your Dietician Plan if I have a medical condition?

Every diet is prepared to keep health issues in mind. Before deciding on custom diet arrangements, we ask general questions about your past and present medical conditions, allergies, and genetic diseases.

What if I dont have a lot of weight to lose but just want to eat healthier?

Apart from weight, there can be many issues that we can help with like bloating, poor digestion, low energy, and GERD to name a few.

What happens during the first consultation?

We start with taking personal, lifestyle, and medical details. A discussion about your health and weight goal follows this. After that, a detailed diet plan is chalked.

What is included in the Lifestyle management plan?

Diet prescribed for cholesterol, diabetes, and hypertension is mainly related to your lifestyle. It includes a weekly diet plan with multiple options.

What do you offer in Corporate diet plans?

Corporate diet plan includes a one-hour(1) knowledge sharing session followed by a question and answer or one-on-one consulting for employees. Contact us for a prior booking!

Are Weight loss programs different for each individual?

Yes! As plans are based on health issues and goals. We also consider weight loss attempts in the past.

What special care you provide for Pregnant Diet plans?

Pregnant women have different issues like nausea, low hemoglobin, and poor digestion. We keep in mind the nutritional requirements of a pregnant woman and optimal weight gain. Suggestions on lifestyle changes like meal time, water intake, and exercise are also part of the consultation.

What is your diet for Weight gain programs?

People who have low body weight most of the time have poor digestion and low appetite. We work on improving digestion, which in turn helps them to eat better. You must remember that weight gain is a slower process.

What are lifestyle disease programs?

A lifestyle diseases program custom diet plan is a personalized eating plan designed to help individuals manage or prevent health conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension that are influenced by lifestyle factors like diet and physical activity.

How can we contact you? Offline/online

Yes, we provide both as per convenience. Contact us to get customized Diet solutions.

Will Your Diet Plan work for me?

If followed correctly it surely gives results. Results are not only in weight reduction but also inch loss, better digestion, and energy levels.