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Weight Gain

Weight Gain

Naturally without supplement

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Weight Gain

For many, gaining weight is a complicated process while maintaining a healthy body. Reasons can be poor digestion, genetics, stress, long gaps in meals, etc. We help you with meal plans that are high in calories and nutrition so that you put on fat mass along with the lean mass. Many believe that underweight people can eat whatever they wish to gain weight. Still, they need proper guidance, planning, and care. Meeting nutritional needs is essential irrespective of body weight.

weight gain

No Supplements- Yes, Healthy Weight Gain Is Possible

Regular cases of people being underweight come into our diet solution clinic, and we give them the right personalized solution. The question is, however, why such a high number of people are underweight. 

As per reports, over 462 million people live this way. 

Gaining weight is to an extent tougher than losing it. The main key player here is more food intake and tailored exercise sets of weight training. 

Feeling under confident about being underweight? 

Eating a lot but not seeing any real improvements? 

Fear of putting on unhealthy weight? 

We got you. Being underweight is equally dangerous as being overweight. Diseases like low BP, fatigue, lowered immunity, muscle strength, malnutrition, infertility, and several others come as you stay underweight. 

Welcome to Diet Solutions 

Get a complete personalized solution for gaining weight naturally, without any supplements. A Weight Gain journey heavily depends on your personality. We recommend healthy dedication, a sophisticated approach, and step-by-step guidance to accomplish your goals.

One Program Doesn't Fit to All

Weight gain journey depends on individual food intake and its functioning at best. Your program needs healthy personalisation at its best. 

The Diet Loss weight gain doctors in Delhi make sure that you first understand your body functioning and its limits. We first understand the responses and then cater personalized custom diet plans, lifestyle modifications, exercise sets, food & protein intake, and cheat-meals to enjoy life as well. 

Getting no clear idea? 

Book a free consultation call and find out what’s missing.

weight gain
Diet Solution Weight Gain Diet

Simplicity of Diet Solution Weight Gain Diet

Diet Solution keeps the weight gain programs in Delhi simple and straight. We follow the basics religiously with healthy, personalized weight-gain strategies. 

Weight gain is a game of calorie consumption and expenditure.

Want to gain weight? 

Eat more calories than you burn. 

Want to lose weight? 

Eat fewer calories than you burn.

Want to maintain an ideal weight? 

Make a balance in the equation. 

It’s simpler than you think. However, certain exercise programs and food intake quality & quantity must be kept in check regularly. 

Note – Minimize junk food consumption at all costs.

Why Diet Solution Weight Loss Program as Your First Choice?

1. Expert Guidance: 

Expert guidance and personal assistance. Go according to your body type, metabolism rate, limits, and healthy habits. 

2. Flexible Plans: 

Enjoy a flexible plan that is solely for you. A perfect package for a working professional. Enjoy never-ending choices that fill your lifestyle too. 

3. Healthy Diet:

Get healthy diet programs which are flexible, protein-rich, less-fatty, and offer steady weight growth for you. 

4. No Fancy Competition: 

Go with your unique requirements. We believe in individual journeys and healthy output. No hard diet plans and no flashy business. 

5. Behavioral Therapy: 

During the whole journey, we will be keeping a check on your behavior, inner peace, and mental health. All we do is to make your life happier & healthier. 

6. Steady Progress: 

Healthy and steady weight gain is the true progress to a blissful life for you. We say No to fast weight gain unhealthy tricks.

Weight Loss Program

What to Expect at DietSolution?

1. Scientific Weight Loss Treatment: 

Sign up to a weight gain program that is based on scientific methods, including exercise & food intake.

2. Weekly Consultation Programs: 

A personalized weekly consultation program for you. Track your real-time progress and right opportunities, future targets, and mental health. 

3. Individual Diet Plans: 

Customized individual diet plans which include lifestyles, foods, favorite meals to grow at your metabolism speed. 

4. Weight Tracking Programs:  

You will get exposed to a weight gain tracking program to keep your growth on account. Weekly program to track, analyze, & give the right direction. 

5. Accountability: 

Phone-based & in-person sessions, free consultation, and 24/7 support to have a good accountable weight gain environment. 

Say Yes to Healthy Food

The simple calorie equation is the key to ideal weight management. But there’s more to it. Healthy foods which include protein, healthy carbohydrates, healthy fat, vitamins, and minerals must be consumed. 

At the Diet Solution weight gain programs in Delhi, we modify your food intake calendar by replacing junk food or unhealthy food with healthy food. 

Our team follows an ideal food pyramid formula guided by weight gain doctors in Delhi. The pyramid clearly shows what you should eat and what to keep off of your plates.

Besides, we take care of your taste buds as well. 

 ——Make a pyramid of food structure——


Processed Food/ Fat

Protein intakes. 


Fruits & Vegetables.

Select more items from the base & less from the top and you can customize your healthy diet without missing the thrill of fun food. 

Say Yes to Healthy Food
Food pyramid

Features of Food Pyramid

  • Direct a way to choose healthy food all the time. 
  • No hard sacrifices. Eat your best always. 
  • Big NO to flashy diet formulas. 
  • A clock on calories isn’t necessary at all. Rough choices are okay. 
  • Easy customisation choices for custom meals with Food Pyramid.

Says Yes to Exercises Every Day

A 30-minute custom exercise plan, inclusive of weight training to build up your muscles and to bulk. 

Note – In case you have a medical condition, consult first a doctor or a health care provider before you jump into a new activity program.

weight gain

FAQ on Weight Gain

How can I gain weight safely?

You must increase your calorie intake with each meal. A healthy adult can increase by 400-600 calories each day.

Can a person gain weight?

It’s tougher to gain weight than to lose it. With Diet Solution, a personalized weight gain program, anyone can put on weight safely & sound.