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Kids Nutrition

Kids Nutrition

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Kids Nutrition

As children grow their nutritional needs change. Diet solutions help you with meal plans which cover all food groups. These special meal plans are designed considering child’s health issues,food preferneces, study and activity regime.

kids nutrition

Kids Nutrition Why Should You Make It a Priority?

A smiling healthy kid is what makes a family real. But they are softer than adults. Their body is still in growth mode and is untouched by changing weather effects and have developed bad food habits. These factors make them vulnerable. 

Not giving them proper nutrition is a major cause of them being so affected by the environment. Especially when we live in a metro city with a busy hectic schedule, we seldom habituate them with healthy food habits. Our busyness causes their weaknesses. 

According to the Child Development Ministry of the Indian government, 43 Lakh children are malnourished. This number makes up 7.7% of the total children population. Despite being one of the top developing countries, our children are not getting the right nutrition. 

Make Your Child Healthy & Smiling with Diet Solution

A child is the most precious human life. They are our real treasure and we understand it.

Welcome to Diet Solution where we offer special care to each child. We help you understand their body functioning and how you can help them grow healthily. 

Our nutritionists are certified professionals who have studied the children’s nutrition sound. Besides all of them have exclusive precise experience, practice, and even research papers on the subject. 

Do you feel your child eats less? 

Is your child’s growth slow comparatively? 

Does your child fall sick very often? 

Every Child Is Special

Just like the other health programs, every child must be taken care of very gently and at their own pace. We can’t use one formula for everyone. Especially when it comes to children, they often don’t like specific fruits, vegetables, and milk. 

At Diet Solution, we treat every child specially. We create a diet program and help your kid understand their value with a special kids program. Moreover, our nutritionists love to cater meals which will offer both taste & health to your kids.

There are different child categories we focus on. 

– 0-3 months

– 3-6 months

– 6-12 months

– 1-3 years

– 3-6 years

– 7-9 years

– 10-12 years

– Teenage Years

Feeding patterns of infants, weaning foods, and nutritional considerations, for all age groups are different & heavily influence the early growth of their lives. 

Teenage children start exploring their environment more, influencing them with ideas, personalities, and so-called modern-age fun. 

At this age, poor eating habits can lead to anaemia, malnutrition, and Vitamin-A deficiency. At Diet Solution, we offer you a catered personalised diet which is focused on increasing nutritional status in them. 

Do you have no clear idea? 

Book a free consultation call and find out what’s missing. 

Special Considerations You Must Offer to Your Child

As your kid grows, don’t forget these points as well. 

– A properly balanced diet compatible with their growth. 

– Trying a wide category of foods. 

– Developing good eating habits

– Developing a school lunch program considering nutrition. 

– Change in hormones, sexual maturation, and emotional changes prosper rapid growth. 

– Informing your kids about body shaming, size zero, restrictive eating patterns, over-eating, binge eating, and deprivation eating like vicious ideas.

kids nutrition

What issues can you see in your growing kid?


– Stress & Depression

– Anxiety

– Stress Eating

– Bulimia

Why Diet Solution Kids Nutrition Program as Your First Choice?

1. Expert Guidance: 

Personal guidance & assistance to understand your kid’s feeding patterns, limits, metabolism, growth, and adulation to offer a healthy diet.

2. Flexible Plans: 

Get a personalised flexible plan which your child will love to follow. No hard diets, wide tasty meals enriched with nutrition.

3. Healthy Diet:

Give your kids a healthy diet program which includes flexible, nutrition-rich, less-fatty, and tasty meals.

4. No Fancy Competition: 

We guide you about the unnecessary diets & concepts that are spread over the world and harming kid’s growth. Get informed to give your child better health & future.

5. Behavioural Therapy: 

We will help you understand your child’s behaviour and feeding pattern. Alongside, we will teach you about their conditions, and how to tackle them for better growth. 

6. Steady Progress: 

We keep a standard measurement system to show you the real progress report. Use it and see how your kids grow to their best with Diet Solution. 

kids nutrition

What to Expect at DietSolution?

  1. Scientific Treatment: 
  2. Weekly Consultation Programs:
  3. Individual Diet Plans: 
  4. Weight Tracking Programs:  
  5. Accountability: 

 ——Make a pyramid of food structure——

  • Sweets.
  • Processed Food/ Fat
  • Protein intakes. 
  • Carbohydrates
  • Fruits & Vegetables.

Select more from the base & less from the top. 

Features of Food Pyramid

A customised plan to choose healthy & tasty items for everyone. 

Give them the best meals each time. 

Offers you relief from flashy unhealthy practices. 

Easy personalisation which you can decide as well.

FAQ on Kids Nutrition

How often should I offer my child a snack?

In growing age, children do ask for a snack every 3-4 hours. Experts say that this prevents overeating.

My child doesn’t eat enough- What should I do?

First, each child has a different appetite so it may happen that your child is taking enough food and you’re not realising it. For surety, check his/her growth. If that’s normal, everything is good to go. If you’re still unsatisfied, try consulting with Diet Solution nutritionists.

How important is nutrition for children?

Nutrition-rich food habits offer proper growth & development and also boost their immunity against diseases.

What is poor nutrition for kids?

Treats, processed foods, and sugary drinks & meals are bad for a child’s health. Excess fatty food, salt, and sugar bring obesity and laziness in kids.



  • AGE: 17
  • Weight Loss: 14 KG
  • Month:6 Months
  • State:New Delhi
  • As children grow their nutritional needs change. Diet solutions help you with meal plans which cover all food groups.
aanya before-after


  • AGE: 17
  • Weight Loss: 17 KG
  • Month:7 Months
  • State:New Delhi
  • These special meal plans are designed considering child’s health issues,food preferneces, study and activity regime.