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Corporate Programs

Corporate Program

Integarting Health Habits & Work

Corporate Programs

The Corporate programs at Diet Solutions aim at providing preventive and curative solutions to various executives related health problems.

The corporate mantra of “work life balance” needs to be modified to “work, health and life balance” as increasing competition and stiff work schedules have resulted in severe health problems even in your executives. It is getting critical day by day that employee health becomes an integral part of any employer’s responsibility as healthy employees not only have better productivity but also helps in reducing absenteeism and reduced medical claims. Besides, employee health issues, if not monitored at the right time, have intangible impacts which affect seriously in the long run. Employee healthcare programs create a more positive, productive and enjoyable work atmosphere resulting in higher productivity.

Diet Solutions provide a range of short term and annual healthcare programs which can be custom designed to your organisation’s needs. Corporate Programs at Diet Solutions helps increase awareness about various lifestyle and health issues and promote employees and employers to take necessary steps which shall benefit them both personally and professionally.

It has been noticed that Indians are becoming more and more health conscious but due to higher stress, longer work days and constant multi tasking, it has become difficult to find the time to act on wellness goals. Creating an on-site wellness program is important because majority of the employee’s time is spent at the workplace. We believe in creating unique and dynamic programs that consistently evolve over time to ensure long term success.

Corporate Programs Diet solutions

Corporate Diet Programs Do Today’s Businesses Need It?

With the growth of corporate employees and businesses, India is the new land of opportunities in the world. But with the development and fast lifestyle, there comes the stress and deteriorating health conditions of corporate employees and employers alike. 

What could go wrong? 

Life is not all about wealth and achieving multi million figures when your health is at risk. The corporate stress is real and not being able to match the rest is real as well. The competition and eagerness to go faster play with health, resulting in severe failure in corporate’s overall health. 

Corporate programs are specially designed to cater to the corporate world to lead professionals to a better lifestyle. A healthy workforce tends to be more productive, has less absenteeism, lower company costs, and makes employees feel valued and cared for by the company.

Corporate Stress and Its Effects on Employees Lifestyle

  • High pressure work environment brings stress on employees, resulting in mental health risks. 
  • A higher number of work hours lowers productivity. 
  • Employee fatigue, energy exhaustion, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, and heart problems have become common for a corporate employee nowadays. 
  • Toxic work culture leads to no social support and degrading respect of an organisation.
  • Additional & emergency responsibilities bring conflicts to employee’s work-life balance.
  • Not all companies offer health insurance to employees.
Corporate Programs

Special Considerations Companies Must Care for Balancing Work & Life

  • Encourage productivity rather than working hours. 
  • Improve the culture of healthy breaks amid work. 
  • Set up a system or regularly review workloads. 
  • Increase health support for employees & their families. 
  • Understand that every employee is different. 
  • Offer flexible working hours for employees. 
  • Ask employees for feedback on their office perks. 

New Employee, What Can You Probably Face?

  1. A sudden rise in a sedentary lifestyle of long hours of sitting at a desk. 
  2. Lower physical activities and increased potential health issues such as obesity. 
  3. A sudden increase in stress affects mental & physical health. 
  4. Limited access to healthy food and challenges to a balanced diet. 
  5. The potential struggle of work-life balance. 
  6. Delays or difficulties understanding the organisation’s health policies. 
  7. Heavy fluctuations in mental health. 
  8. Exposure to occupational hazards such as harmful chemicals, and repetitive strain injuries. 
Corporate Programs diet solutions

Why Choose Diet Solution Corporate Diet Programs?

  1. Expert Guidance for Corporate: 

Expert guidance to the team lead or the employer to conduct corporate diet programs offering a roadmap to improve your organisation’s overall health, productivity, and satisfaction charts. 

  1. Flexible Plans for Employees: 

A flexible diet plan for employees will offer them more freedom. Flexible routines will help them complement their personal lives with corporate demands. 

  1. Healthy Diet Program: 

A regular healthy diet program which includes diet, nutrition, health events, flexible work hour policies, mental health therapies, and regular consultation programs. 

  1. No Fancy Competitions: 

No unnecessary diet or health programs would go against the work culture of the corporation, offering continuous growth in employees’ health & efficiency together. 

  1. Behavioural Therapy: 

Our expert offers regular behavioural therapy programs which are aimed at regularly improving tracking of employees, employers, and the overall company’s happiness index. 

  1. Steady Progress: 

Standard steady growth progress and a standard measurement system to make reports on the company’s overall health growth and employee satisfaction with the company. 

What Diet Solution Offer You?

  • Scientific Treatment
  • Weekly Corporate Consultation Programs
  • Corporate Suited Diet Programs for employees
  • Corporate overall health tracking programs
  • Accountability for progress
Corporate Programs diet solutions

Our Corporate clientele includes

Fun with Nutrition @ Work Program

This is an interactive 60-90 minutes program which involve a brief talk by the Nutritionist followed by couple of activities with an aim to educate the employees about day to day nutrition. Organised quarterly, this program can make your employees sing and dance to the tunes of Nutrition. And a lot more.

Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Program

Conducted at quarterly interval, this program entails a talk on various lifestyle diseases, which are increasingly becoming prevalent in young executives. Every quarter there is a discussion on one problem and for the rest of that quarter; Diet Solutions provides continuous feed on various aspects related to that problem.

Comprehensive Employee Wellness Program

An annual program, this program focus on complete healthcare of your employees. This program is a round the year program, customized to the requirement of your organization, to include the aspects of Fun with Nutrition @ Work Program and Lifestyle Diseases Prevention Program couple with additional activities like:

Additional Activities

  • Employee health check up involving medical tests
  • Personal health and nutrition analysis of participants
  • Health Camps
  • Talks from specialist doctors
  • Canteen management
  • Exercising and Medication camps
  • Counseling with family members to ensure easy adoption

All the above programs also include useful tips on health management, which can be easily adapted at your workplace. Besides, corporate programs entitle the participants to join any of the other Diet Solutions programs at preferred rates.

Corporate Clients