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Weight Loss

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Weight Loss

Hypocaloric diet, strict diet and fad diets are history. At Diet Solutions we provide long lasting results by customisizing diet. Some important aspect that are considered while planning meals are health issues, nutritional deficiencies, profession and cooking convenience. We motivate our clients to adapt to a healthy lifestyle and eating habit. We donot prescribe crash diets and quick weight loss as it leaves you nutritionally deficient and ofcourse weight is bound to bounce back. We help you set up achievable and realistic weight loss goals.

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Weight Loss Is Easy, When You Know HOW.

One often feels low as they start gaining weight uncontrollably. We understand the pain. Not because we want to weigh consciously. But everyday tasks and activities will make you feel it. 

Over 1 Billion people are suffering from obesity in the world. Putting on weight means welcoming deadly diseases like high blood pressure, cholesterol, potential heart attacks, type-2 diabetes, and many more. 

But take no worries; weight loss is easier than you think. Only when you know how. Losing just 10% of your body fat through a weight loss plan makes you slimmer, faster, more active, healthier, and more attractive. 

Programs Benefits

High Energy Levels

Nutritionally rich diet and a lighter body both contribute to high energy levels.

Better Sleep

Fat loss clears passage from upper respiratory tract off fat leading to better sleep

Better Digestion

Regimented mealtime, exercise, and sleep improve digestion.

Improved Immunity

Since an individual is eating food rich in macronutrients and micronutrients immunity improves within a short period of time

Lower Dependency on Medicines

Weight loss is the panacea to health issues. Lifestyle disease, hormonal disturbance, joint pain, sleep apnea to name a few.

One Diet Doesn't Fit to All.

We believe in People as individuals with unique bodies, shapes, and sizes. Say goodbye to a century-old one-fore-all weight loss program. They work on some and not on others. 

At Diet Solutions, Our weight loss doctors in Faridabad understand your body first. One of the first things we help with our patients is to be easy on yourself and feel normal to be overweight. 

We have the expertise to offer simplistic solutions to everyone while the paths and courses vary for each individual with different bodies and needs. 

We then study body patterns and recommend further natural methods like custom exercise sets, healthy foods, custom diet plans, and manageable lifestyle modifications.

Diet Solution Weight Loss Diet

Simplicity of Diet Solution Weight Loss Diet

We at Diet Solutions keep our Weight Loss programs in Faridabad simple with scientific-proven solutions. Weight loss is a game of calorie consumption and expenditure.

  • Want to gain weight? Eat more calories than you burn. 
  • Want to lose weight? Eat fewer calories than you burn. 
  • Want to maintain an ideal weight? Make a balance in the equation. 

Seems so simple. Yes, it is. However, you must avoid eating only junk or processed foods to complete your calorie intake. 

Such low-quality foods are essential factors for the extra unbearable weight of deadly diseases like super high cholesterol. In the end, they will make your body unhealthy and lazy. 

Why Diet Solution Weight Loss Diet Program as Your First Choice?

1. Expert Guidance:
Get expert guidance and personal assistance for your body type, weight management, healthy habits and natural ways of losing weight.

2. Flexible Plans:
You get a flexible plan which compliments your lifestyle. Especially when you’re a working professional, things can be tricky for you. You have a lot of options.

3. Healthy Diet:
We create a healthy diet for you. A diet that makes your food protein-rich, less fatty, high in minerals, and has carbohydrates to give you energy for everything.

4. No Fancy Competition:
We believe in no hard competitions. Everybody is different and will show different results. More to it, we kick out the hard diet plans that make things worse instead.

5. Behavioral Therapy:
For the whole time being, we will keep a close lookout for your mental & inner peace. Your behavior & mental compatibility and joyful life are all we want.

6. Steady Progress:
Fast results can attract you but true progress lies in a long healthy lifestyle. At the Diet Solution weight loss clinic, you will get that steady champion.

Weight Loss Diet Program
Diet solutions

What to Expect at DietSolution?

  • Scientific Weight Loss Treatment: 

Get exposed to scientific methods of weight loss plan. Acesa to expert’s guidance at each step, healthy weight loss procedure, physical activity, and overall lifestyle. 

  • Weekly Consultation Programs: 

Attend a personal weekly consultation program from your trainer. Get your hands on real-time progress with missed opportunities and future targets. Also, we care for your mental health as well.  

  • Individual Diet Plans: 

Individual diet plans which suit your preferences, lifestyle, and favorite foods. A personal diet plan will let you grow at your metabolism speed. After all, we know your craving. 

  • Weight Tracking Programs: 

Our experts will track your weight-loss journey. Nothing to worry, you can keep our team on your good list. The weight tracking program will show your weekly progress & diet, giving you the right direction for next. 

  • Accountability: 

At Diet Solution weight loss clinic, we take the responsibility of giving you a good life. Phone-based and in-person programs for consultation, results, and 24/7 support. 

Say Yes to Healthy Food:

The calorie equation is the fundamental of weight management. But that’s not the end. For a long healthy lifestyle, you need healthy food intakes. Here is how. 

At Diet Solution Weight Loss programs in Delhi, we have followed an ideal food pyramid formula guided by weight loss doctors in Faridabad which refers to your daily food intakes. 

  1. Sweets
  2. Processed Food/ Fat
  3. Protein intakes
  4. Carbohydrates
  5. Fruits & Vegetables

All you need to do is to select more items from the base groups and less from the top. 

Features of Food Pyramid: 

  • Emphasize on health-promoting choices. 
  • Doesn’t ask to make hard sacrifices. 
  • No false flashy diet formulas. 
  • Base group is the healthiest. 
  • Counting the calories isn’t necessary at all. 
  • Customize a complete meal with the food pyramid.
weight loss healthy food
weight loss diet

Physical Activity Everyday Keeps Onesity Away:

Not everything will be precise, especially if you are a working professional. At Diet Solutions, We will offer a customized plan that works for you!

Adding exercises, routines, and fitness regimes can help you manage weight seamlessly. Our expert guidance will add more value to enhance your daily lifestyle.

Exercise plans will be as simple as taking stairs instead of elevators, 30-minute exercise plans, easy-to-follow walking and resistance exercises, Yoga, and Stretching for incredible health benefits for health & mental well-being.
Get more physical activity and exercise throughout your day with Diet Solution.

Note:- If you have a medical condition, please let us know before we start.

FAQ on Weight Loss

How important are calories?

They are the fundamentals of the weight loss program. How much a person eats is measured in calorie units in medical terminology.

What is Metabolism?

Metabolism is the chemical reaction that the body uses to convert food into energy. Faster metabolism rate means more calorie burning, leading to an easier weight-loss process.

Do genetics affect weight loss?

Truly, they do, but not to that extent. It’s easier to blame genetics when you haven’t tried fully and accepted defeat. The Weight loss diet journey combines several factors, like healthy eating, lifestyle, mental well-being, and exercise.

Are diet foods good for weight loss?

This is a misconception. Labeling food with a ‘diet’ tag doesn’t make it healthy. There are good products like low fat yogurt or cheese, but the best would still be natural protein-rich, no-processed food.