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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Diet

Gain weight with balanced diet &
nutrition in a healthy way

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Pregnancy Diet

The phrase “eating for two” during pregnancy isn’t necessarily correct. During pregnancy, what is critical is to ensure your nutritional needs are fulfilled while gaining the right amount of weight at regular interval. What you eat during pregnancy determines what your to be born will get. A healthy and nutritious diet at the time of pregnancy ensures proper growth of the baby. Hence a healthy diet is more important than a heavy diet.

Are You Aware That:

    • Diet during pregnancy needs to address concerns like.
    • Starting weight of the mother.
    • Nausea and vomiting during early stages.
    • Growth of the fetus in the womb.
    • Digestive complaints.
    • Other complications like anemia, hypertension, gestational diabetes etc.
    • A well planned diet during lactation ensures proper milk secretion for the baby. Diet should be high in calcium, iron and protein so that important nutrients from mother’s body do not get depleted.

pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy You Need Special Care?

Being pregnant is one of the happiest feelings in the world. But with pregnancy comes so much responsibility, 9 months of continuous changing emotions, changing hormones, and mood swings. 

You need special care and that includes a special diet as well. Hundreds of books and thousands of recommendations are available so did you find out about them? Or are you still looking for the best combination? 

Diet Solution pregnancy diet programs help you to find out the best pregnancy diet plans for you. Join the pregnancy programs and find out the best individual diet plans which fulfil your nutrient needs as well as taste buds.

How Pregnancy Changes Your Diet Needs?

You don’t need more energy from the very first day of your special journey. It is a continuous process and must be carried out that way only. The rising nutritional amount helps the unborn baby to grow healthily. 

Nutritional deficiency during pregnancy can affect a child for life which is why it’s important for all pregnant women to consume the right amount of iron, folic acid, and iodine. 

From the beginning of 4th month, you start catching the signs of belly growth in women and from then, you need to understand your calorie intake increment. The ideal increment is about 20% which is around 300-500 calories extra every day. The amount increases every trimester. 


– Include minerals & vitamins in your meals from day 1. 

– Don’t fall for any internet trend. Focus on the iodine, iron, Vitamin A & D, and other important nutrient intakes. 


If you’re trying to become pregnant, be careful about the food you eat regularly. Some food items impact your fertility and lower the chances of getting impregnated. A balanced diet suggested by Diet Solution experts will help you fill the gaps in your personalised planning. 

During Pregnancy: 

When you’re pregnant, you must make a lot of changes in your diet as it’s not only you who eats but your child as well. You will need an approx. of 20% extra calories each day for feeding the child. 


Once you deliver the baby, things are going to be complicated for you for some weeks. You still need extra care for your body and emotions. Your post-pregnancy diet plan will also help the newborn baby to cope with the changes and they can only get their nutrients from breastfeeding. An expert-guided diet plan from Diet Solution is very helpful for new mothers.

Special Considerations You Must Care for During Pregnancy

– Your diet must be balanced with all important nutrients. 

– Eat breakfast every day. 

– Avoid alcohol, undercooked meat & fish, and soft cheese. 

– Say complete NO to smoking. 

– Do moderate aerobic activity for 20 minutes each day. 

– Stay happy and accept the changes as a part of the journey. 

– Talk to a Diet Solution expert about your pregnancy and ask for health suggestions according to your pregnancy stage.

What Things You May Face During Pregnancy?

– Morning Sickness

– Fatigue

– Swollen or Tender Breasts

– Frequent Urination

– Heavy Mood Swings

– Frequent Food Cravings

– Weight Gain

– Heartburn and Indigestion

– Backache & Joint Pain

– Disturbed Sleep

Diet Solution Pregnancy Diet

Why Diet Solution Pregnancy Diet Program as Your First Choice?

1. Expert Guidance: 

You will get personal guidance and assistance from industry experts and understand your continuous flexing feelings and what to do according to your pregnancy stages.

2. Flexible Plans: 

Entertain yourself with a flexible plan that will suit your pregnancy stages. Guided by the experts, get plans that include nutrition & taste as well.

3. Healthy Diet:

A complete healthy diet that is promised and well to eat. No cheat day because every day, the diet plan will feel like one.

4. No Fancy Competition: 

Forget about the fancy competition, flashy food items, and internet trends. Get a real diet plan enriched with nutrients and suggested by experts.

5. Behavioural Therapy: 

Enjoy your days with the consultation services & behavioural therapies. This will help you cope up with mood swings, daily challenges, and ideal ways to keep yourself high.

6. Steady Progress: 

We follow a standard measuring management system to keep a steady check on your health. Don’t rush and evolve with each day of your pregnancy.

What to Expect at Diet Solution?

  1. Scientific Treatment
  2. Weekly Consultation Programs
  3. Individual Diet Plans
  4. Weight Tracking Programs
  5. Accountability
Pregnancy Diet

FAQ on Pregnancy Diet

What should I eat during pregnancy?

Focus on a balanced diet which includes all sorts of nutrients and multivitamins. Say goodbye to alcohol, smoking, and other unhealthy meals. Contact Diet Solution experts to get a personalised diet plan for yourself.

How much weight gain is normal during pregnancy?

It heavily depends upon individual women. An 11-16 Kgs of weight gain is considered normal.

Can I continue with my vegan diet during my pregnancy?

Yes but better to get consultation from experts to make sure you don’t miss healthy intakes like protein, iron, calcium, and other vitamins.

Can I include sweets & desserts in my pregnancy diet plan?

Yes, you can. However, be sure not to make a well-balanced diet. Excessive sugar can lead to gestational diabetes and other health concerns as well.