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Bridal Diet Regime to Look Perfect on your Wedding Day

“And they live happily ever after” the first stage of this happiness ever after definitely comes with the plan of a wedding day.

Although every girl dreams of looking perfect on her wedding day, in reality, it can be really challenging. The reality of the wedding can be endless rituals, heavy makeup, ostentatious dresses and jewelry. Looking perfect among them can be really difficult. Only the beauty from inside can make a bride look perfect in her D-Day. Here are a couple of suggestions to follow 20 days before the wedding which can bring out perfect inner-goddess of every bride,

Start your day with Super foods

The super foods like Raw haldi, amla, orange, carrot, beetroots help in increasing the energy and initiate in bringing out the inner beauty of the girls. These foods are most effective if taken at the early morning in empty stomach.

Increase your daily dose of Protein

This essential nutrient is considered as the building blocks of tissues of the body, and it can initiate the weight loss. It also increases the natural glow of the skin and hair. Chicken, eggs, fish, and milk are the high source of protein, along with the other foods like soya, nuts, yogurt etc.

Intake of Vitamins and Minerals

The essential elements like Vitamin and Minerals help in bringing out the natural beauty of the girls. The presence of lots of green vegetables, fruits in diet ensures the presence of Vitamins and Minerals in the body.

Replace your Chapattis

The healthy foods like egg-white, sprouts, yogurt in the place of daily roti or rice to get that healthy skin and natural beauty.

Get your fill of antioxidants:

Anti-oxidants are renowned for preventing the cell damage. The presence of anti-oxidants in the body boosts immunity, helps in looking fresh, fit and fine. Adding a few doses of Pumpkin Seeds and Melon Seeds in the diet will ensure the fill of antioxidants in the body.

Boost the iron content in your body

The iron increases the energy level of the body. The foods like poha, gudh, rajma, raisins help in boosting iron content of the body and increase the energy.

Water to make you beautiful:

Drinking lots of water brings out the beauty from inside. Mint, ginger, sauna can be mixed to add flavor. Instead of regular tea, the green tea is a good and healthy option for the body.

Lastly, Daily Exercise for that beautiful curves

The daily exercise regime will ensure good health and natural beauty. If the schedule of shopping and preparing for the wedding is heavily bound, go for atleast 30minutes brisk walk.


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