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Dietary Change Required During Season Change

Dietary Change Required During Season Change

It is really very common to notice skin changes when weather changes. We need to make some changes in the way we eat to manage healthy skin. Here, we’re going to share dietary change required during season change:

Break Out or Acne:

One can see there is lot of acne, whited and blackheads as the weather becomes warm. There is extra production of sebum from the sebaceous glands which leads to pimples or break out as weather becomes hotter.

We generally eat food which is rich in fats and oil in winter like laddu, Pinni, gajak, dry fruits and parathas. These foods when eaten during summers may lead to further production of oil from sebaceous glands hence one needs to replace these things with more of fruits, vegetable, juice and healthy fats from nuts and seeds.

Dullness in Complexion:

We often see that the complexion becomes little dull when the weather is too hot that is again because of production of oil from oil gland and because of secretion of melanin in our skin to protect us from harmful effects of UV rays.

To maintain a clear complexion, one should add more water to diet in form of fresh coconut water, lemonade, vegetable juices and of course plain water. This helps to keep the skin hydrated though some amount of change in complexion will always be there.


Dandruff is often seen in change of weather. In winter season there can be various reasons for having dandruff in the scalp firstly taking head bath with hot water, secondly dehydration and thirdly fungal infection.

For dryness of scalp one can try and head bath with normal to lukewarm water. To hydrate yourself you needs to increase the amount of fluid intake.

In winters, we see that we don’t like to drink too much water because of which the skin becomes little dehydrated and dandruff can be seen. Apart from water one must also include zinc, iron and good fats in the diet. Zinc rich foods are nuts, seeds and whole grains.

You must have them in small quantities on daily basis. Avoiding extra tea, coffee, alcohol can also help reduce dandruff because of dehydration. Good fats from flax seed, avocado, almonds, walnut, etc. is essential.

Hair Fall:

Hair fall can also be seen when the season changes. Hair fall can be because of various reasons. The dietary reason can be lack of zinc, Vitamin C, protein and iron.

Taking a very low fat diet may lead to severe hair fall. Good sources are fish, nuts, egg and seeds. For iron one must include dates, raisins, jaggery, beans, whole grains and vegetables.

It is advisable to add some lemon into your food as it helps absorb dietary iron. Dietary changes have a positive impact on our hair and skin. As final advise we must follow a good dietary regime all the year round. Exercise being a very important part of it.

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