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10 Easy-to-Follow Tips for Weight Loss

Tips for Weight Loss

Weight loss becomes a real deal because most of the hacks don’t work in real life. The strict diet plans that were once very famous are not very great to go for. They even do the opposite in the long run. 

So is there an easy way to lose weight which is healthy as well? 

Yes, there are. 

In this article, we are going to tell you the very easy-to-follow tips that will cut that extra fat from your body and also keep you active, energetic, and healthy for a long time. 

Before you read all the tips, I would like you to remember this- Fitness should not be a punishment but a celebration of living. 

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1. Keeps Your Meals Simple:

A complex diet plan never works for more people. Our body and mind are prepared to follow what we have been told. More options leave a hole in the plan and our mind starts creating the escape mechanism. 

Easy-to-follow dietary plans guided by dieticians have a better success ratio than complicated meal plans. Here is a summarised idea of what should be on your plate. 

  • 50% fruits & vegetables. 
  • 25% protein
  • 25% whole grain. 

Foods to Eat: 

  • Fruits & Vegetables. 
  • Fish
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Lentils
  • Whole grains

2. Shorten Your Eating Window:

When you eat is equally important as what you eat. Studies show that our bodies treat food differently at different times. For instance, late-night eating leads to weight gain because our body takes rest and the digestive system becomes slow around that time. 

Most people eat for over 15 hours. Shorten that to a 10-11 hours period and you will lose weight automatically. To an extent, you won’t even need to change a single thing in your eating pattern. 

3. Say Hello to Healthy Beverages:

Nothing can be worse than a sweetened drink in your meals. They are high in calories and don’t benefit your body at all. This summer, instead of choosing sweetened soft drinks from your refrigerator, choose healthy beverages such as coconut water, lime water, shikanji, Dahi-Sarbat, and buttermilk

Juices are also a great source of vitamins and minerals to boost health. Moreover, they are too effective to ignore in summer. 

However, don’t even touch the packaged juices. 

Choosing fresh is choosing health. 

4. Eat Spicy Food:

Eat Spicy Food

Yes, eating spicy food can help you burn more calories. ‘Pepper’ and ‘Chilies’ have a compound named ‘Capsaicin’ which gives them their natural heat. Eating them boosts your metabolism and improves the digestive fire within. 

They work best in summer as your body is already heated up. Eating those will only add spice to your weight loss journey. 

5. Drink Coffee:

diet solution

Research shows that Caffeine and other antioxidants present in coffee boost human metabolism by 3-5%. One cup of hot coffee will help you burn your calories and digest your food fast. 

Opt for black coffee if you can. It contains no calories and makes you feel full. If you are a ‘Cold Coffee’ person, don’t add caramel or whipped cream to it. They will kill all the health benefits from it. 

6. Stay Hydrated:

Staying hydrated can help you with more calorie burn. Drinking 0.5 litres of water increases your calorie burns by 24-30% for an hour. More importantly, it helps you to feel full throughout the day so you don’t hop on the snacks every now & then. 

Drinking water before your meals helps you reduce overeating as well. Once habituated, you can replace other high-calorie beverages with water alone. 

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7. Try Soups:


We all love evening snacks but if you’re on a weight loss journey, you have to stick to this tip. Instead of snacks, try soups. They are healthy, improve your digestion, and suppress your appetite. Adding veggies will make it more desirable and healthier. 

Eating soups 20 mins before your dinner also reduces binge-heating as well. 

8. Keep a Weight Tracker:

Believe me, a food and weight tracker will surprise you and make it super easy. All you need is a diary and a pen. Pen down the weight the day you start your weight loss journey. Start writing down your weight every week on a fixed day. You can also choose a mobile app or website.

Record every item you eat and change your weight. If you have a fixed meal routine, a weight tracker is enough. Checking your weight journey will motivate you, help you stick to the plan, and show you real-time improvement. 

More to it, you will understand how several foods or fluctuations in routine affect your body. 

9. Take Every Chance to Lose Calories:

Lose Calories

Regular exercise is important but all of us can’t join a gym and do heavy exercise. Especially if you’re someone who needs to travel a lot, work in a remote area or live alone. 

The best solution for this is to embrace an everyday light to moderate exercise routine. You can also go for Yoga, Dance, Running, or Swimming. 

But here is one hack to give you 2X speed in weight loss. 

Never miss a chance to burn calories. The simplest of activities can help us do so. Such as: 

  • Walking your dog. 
  • Taking stairs instead of lifts. 
  • Gardening
  • Sweeping your home. 
  • Dancing
  • Parking the car away.
  • Moving during a call.
  • Rearranging shelves.

10. Plan:

You can’t eat mindfully if you are always in a hurry. Our current lifestyle doesn’t allow the time we need to meditate on the food we eat. But if there is a will, there is a way. 

Stock your kitchen with diet-friendly food and create a weekly meal list at the very start. You can also fix a weekly meal routine. But don’t forget to leave space for some variations. 

Say no to processed food, junk food, soft drinks, and unhealthy packaged food. Planning your meals will not let slip your diet in your everyday busy schedule. 


Are you also looking for easy ways to lose weight? Ideally, weight loss is a long journey and you might give up on it. Most people do when they are given a strict diet and heavy exercise plan. 

Surprisingly, you can skip that hard-to-follow regime and modify your lifestyle to lose weight healthily. In this article, we have discussed 10 easy-to-follow tips for your easy weight loss journey. 

Now, you can’t say no to this. 

All the best Healthy People.