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8 Reasons Summer Is Your Best Season to Lose Weight

Summer Is Your Best Season to Lose Weight

Winter is finally over and the Summer season is back with bright sunshine, scorching sun, and perspiration. But one aspect of summer is often ignored by almost everyone. That is how well the summer season incorporates you with your weight loss journey

Yeah, I understand, summer causes sweating and smelling bodies. I understand you don’t like it. Nobody does! 

But there lies some more secrets of weight loss in this season and we’re going to explain the ‘What’ and ‘How’ in this blog. 

So be seated firmly and let’s explore more of it. 

Reasons to Enjoy Summer as Your Ideal Weight Loss Season:

weight loss

 1. Heat Reduces Appetite Naturally:

The best thing about summer is that it naturally kills your appetite. Our body uses food intake as a source of energy. When there is heat outside, our body slows down appetite to keep the body cooler. As our body is also getting heated through the environment, it just doesn’t want more food. 

Moreover, we know that the summer season slows down digestion, keeping you full for longer hours. Now saying no to food is easier than ever. 

 2. Eating Light Healthy meals Feels Good:

All of a sudden, light meals become more than just a filler. Eating light meals gives your body just the right energy it needs. Plus, it keeps you filled with protein, and minerals, giving your body the most important ingredients it needs. On the other hand, junk food suddenly starts feeling heavy and unnecessary amidst your daily activities. 

 3. Outdoor Activities are More Effective:

Remember when you were young and summers used to mean the ‘All Day Play’ code weather? You used to go outside and come back sweating all over your body. It was just so natural. 

Yes! That’s the secret folks. 

Summer is a beautiful season with unmatched opportunities of going out on road trips, cycling, or long walks. Normal exercise routines and even everyday chores like gardening become just more effective every day. 

That’s summer for you. It makes heavy calorie burning easier. 

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 4. Lots & Lots of Fresh Juices:

One thing summer is famous for is the bundles of fresh juices available. There are just so many of them in the market, fresh & tasty. Mango, banana, pomegranate, oranges, and many more such juicy fruits make everyday summer delicious and energetic. 

Drinking orange juice maintains iron & vitamin C in the body and banana juice offers higher doses of protein, fat, and energy, keeping you full for longer times. 

5. Automatic Increment in Hydration:

Increment in Hydration

Drinking water before meals is an excellent weight loss hack from experts. Now tell me, what better season is there for drinking water than summer? 

High temperature in the atmosphere automatically raises your need for hydration, increasing your water intake. 

Sipping water in between bites also makes you feel fuller, decreases overall food consumption, and prevents overeating during each meal in season, promoting better digestion and nutrient absorption. 

6. Lots of Fresh Produce of Fruits & Veggies:

In the above point, we discussed the fruit juices. But that’s not all. The summer season produces fruits as well as lots of green veggies, rich in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. These veggies are rich in water and also enriched with dietary fibers.  

They nourish your body, keep you filled for longer hours, and also offer a boost immunity system. 

But why only that? Summer Season U-pick farm welcomes you to come and pick whatever fruit you like the most directly from the farm. A perfect fun activity with some extra calories burned. 

 7. Doesn’t Get Good Mood Food Cravings:

Emotional eating is a real thing folks. Yes, you must have seen people eating because they want something to feel good or are emotional at times. Summer is a highly active season meaning you have less chance to get depressed or seek food just for fun. 

Winters allow you to eat more. Be it heavy Indian meals or pizza with cheese, or burgers- we are more prone to food during the snowy seasons. A report from the University of Pittsburgh says that 27% of people started binge eating during winter. 

 8. You Seek Calorie Intake Measurements to Flaunt:

Well, this point is quite interesting to me as well. Because it’s not directly related to your eating habits.

The hot temperature outside condemns us to wear shorts, sleeveless tops, short trunks, or open shirts. We flaunt skin and guess, we love doing that as well. 

Here is the point- Who wants to go bare without having a good body shape? Revealing outfits demands confidence and that comes only when you truly love yourself and your present body. 

Don’t expect something like an actor but you’ll try to look your best with minimum fat and maximum muscles. 


In the mood to kick off the extra fat from your body? Well, the summer season is here- your savior. The season makes losing weight easy and natural if only you pay a little attention to it. Drink plenty of water & fresh juices, go outside for a walk, and eat light meals for a healthy lifestyle. 

All the best & Happy Summers !!!