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Home Remedies to Increase your Calcium Levels

It doesn’t matter how careful you are about your calorie intake and keep a track of your regular diet, to be a strong person you’ll have to be conscious of the calcium levels in your body.

Calcium plays a vital role in strengthening the bones and teeth. It also helps in the proper functioning of nerves and muscles. The calcium deficiency disease also known as Hypocalcemia can lead to thinning and weakening of the bones and osteoporosis. Other symptoms of calcium deficiency are muscle sprains, memory loss, depression, numbness and tinkling sensations in the body parts.

The natural aging process can lead to calcium deficiency disease. Pregnant women or women in menopause should increase their calcium intake to reduce the risk of hypocalcemia. Children and teenagers also need to take care of their calcium intake.

Calcium cannot be manufactured by your body itself so it depends on your diet to meet its need. It is recommended that you should get much of your daily calcium needs from food and use only low dose of calcium supplements to make up the rest requirement.

Good sources of calcium include dairy products, green leafy vegetables, oatmeal, tofu, certain fishes, cabbage, green beans, garlic, orange juice and some cereals etc.

Few tips to add calcium in your daily diet –

  • Use milk instead of water while making oatmeal
  • Add milk or yogurt to a fruit smoothie
  • Greens can be easily added to the soups or pasta dishes.
  • Add extra veggies servings to your meal like fresh green peas, cabbage, broccoli
  • Add on nuts and seeds such as almonds and sesame seeds
  • Try plain yogurt as a vegetable dip
  • Snack on crunchy broccoli instead of potato chips broccoli

Apart from these tips, morning sunlight is an important source vitamin D in our body. So make sure to expose your body to early morning sunlight for 10 – 15 min to help the body absorb calcium.

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