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How to Stay Fit and Healthy In the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month in which Muslims around the world refrain themselves from food and drinks from dusk to dawn.

After a long period of fasting, they bread their fast in the evening during iftar.This can be challenging. Checkout some quick tips to keep you fit and healthy during Ramadan.

  • Suhoor (pre dawn meal) is an important element of Ramadan. Try not to skip it. To avoid the feeling of dehydration during the day, it is very important to have nutrient dense diet during suhoor. Add protein rich foods (eggs, beans, and fish). Early morning consumption of coconut water will keep your body hydrated.
  • Oil intake in your diet should be reduced to keep you energetic during the day. For example, switch from fried chicken to grilled chicken.
  • Iftar should be a well balanced nutritional food. Your body should be refueled after long hours of fasting. Avoid overeating of heavy fried delicacies.
  • Intake of empty calories like white rice, white bread and pasta, will not keep a space for nutrient dense foods like vegetables and fruits. Our body will then start developing cravings. As a result, we will start binging on junk food and snac.
  • Try to have a food platter consisting of vegetables, starchy carbs and proteins.
  • Fruits are a better option than fruit juices as they are rich in fibre. Raspberry, strawberry, apple, banana and oranges are all rich in fibre.
  • Opt for some low in fat seafood which rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals and omega 3 fatty acid for late evening meal.
  • Lemon shot’ is a better option to break the fast during iftar.

Take these Healthy Diet Plans, Eat mindfully, sleep well and exercise a little every day. Wishing all our Muslim friends a very happy and healthy Ramadan

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